There are a lot of ways how a house could be made warmer without spending much money on it.

If you are fed up of hiding under blankets all night, try some of these simple tips to make your house warmer and cozier.

Use a Timer on the Heating

Coming home to a cold house after a hard day at work it would be nice to get into a warm environment. Very simply arrange to switch the heating timer half an hour before coming home and the house will already be warmed up. Then you can switch it off for a while as long as the house retains its heat and spend less money on your bills.

Fix Doors and Windows

The biggest culprit is usually your doors and windows. If they’re old, single pane windows, they’re incredibly inefficient. You should replace them with modern, double glazed ones that keep the heat in a lot better. Even if you’ve got modern windows and doors, they’ll let out a lot of heat if they’re damaged in some way. They’re cheap repairs to make but they’ll make the house a lot warmer in the long run.

Thick Curtains


Replace your curtains with much thicker one. Even if you have modern windows you will still lose some heat through them. Thick Curtains will keep the house warmer and you won’t need the heating on constantly.



Don’t block Radiators

A lot of people make the mistake of putting their sofa or other bits of furniture in front of the radiator. When you do this you loose heating because the heat will all get soaked up by the sofa and won’t circulate around the room.

Use these simple tips to beat the cold this winter.