At a time where Covid19 brings along great uncertainty, one would question whether there is any demand from investors to purchase real estate. Some would think that investors will back down until the situation is clear, however, because at RE/MAX we directly liaise with investors daily, such as investment funds or smaller-scale investors, there is only one fact; for the last 6 months investors have been waiting to grab the opportunities that will arise!

Most investors have clarified that they wish to invest in the second half of 2020 or even the beginning of 2021. At RE/MAX, we keep a close relationship with prospective sellers and consult them as to what price according to the market conditions. We also inform them as to how we can promote their properties in order to achieve a sale. Given all the work that happens behind the scenes, we always have correctly priced properties for our buyers.

We also believe that each property is unique and has specific buyers, and therefore needs a different promotion plan according to the profile of its buyers. However, it is in our hands to carefully examine its characteristics and communicate the unique selling points to the target market.

At RE/MAX we also believe that even at times of great uncertainty, we can still find the right buyer for any property!