If your living room is still full of the furry pillows and emerald velvet throws that felt so glam yet cozy in the winter months, then get your act together and dress your home for the new season!

Spring is all about rebirth. About letting the sunlight back in. About trying something new. Now’s your chance to do something drastic in just a few small steps. Create a space that screams “spring” with these 8 easy designer tips.

  1. Pack up dark tones and try new colors

When we start seeing more sunlight, I pack up the dark tones and heavy accessories and rearrange everything to increase openness and air circulation,”

  1. Update your entryway

If your entryway looks like the way to winter fell now’s the time to give it a seasonal makeover. Your front door is the first thing visitors see so you will want make it pop.

  1. Switch to sheers

As a general rule, you should build your drapery in layers, with heavy panels on the top and light sheers against the windows. Now that spring’s here, it’s an excellent time to take down those dark, heavy panels for a thorough cleaning.

  1. Go minimal

You need fewer accessories in spring. With nothing much to see outside in winter, it’s worth building visual interest with various knickknacks. But now that you’re letting in more light—and tracking the progress of those buds—it’s time to declutter.

  1. Clean the windows, inside and out

You already know: Spring-cleaning is so refreshing, it feels great once you actually do it, blah, blah, blah. But here’s an important step in the whole process that many people forget: Clean the exteriors of your window, too.

  1. Buy seasonal bedding

Don’t just clean your bedding for spring. Consider getting an all-new set to bring new life to your bedroom for the season—something bright, light, and airy. And it’s not just aesthetic: A lighter-weight duvet helps prevent the night sweats as the temperature rises.

  1. Add mirrors and sparkle

Adding reflective elements (e.g., mirrors on the wall or crystal accents) can bring sunlight into hard-to-reach spaces—making even the darkest room feel bright and fresh.

  1. Welcome the outdoors

Sure, you can head to the backyard if you’re eager for sunlight and greenery (look at all those gorgeous blooms, finally sprouted!), but why not bring the outside in? In addition to flowers and plants that can survive indoors.