During the Holidays we feel more relaxed and free, our mind is full of the things we want to enjoy and we want to spend time with our beloved ones. However, it is also the season we need to be extra careful about our belongings and property safety from burglars because all they want is to catch us off guard.
Except in the case of a burglar, there are always some dangers that might be caused by us.

We would like to share with you 6 tips that will help you to keep out the burglars of your property and also protect it from other damages as well.

  1. Gifts and packaging

Make sure you are not keeping the gifts in a visible area such as windows and doors.
Lock the doors if you leave the house and have at least one light on during the night-time.

  • List of valuable objects

Prepare a list of all valuable objects on your property and keep the list in a secure place (not on a laptop or mobile just in case it gets stolen).

  • Alarm

A burglar will check for areas to disconnect the alarm system. If you want your alarm system to be effective, then make sure that all the wiring is well hidden.

  • Fire alarm

Before you leave the house have a look at your fireguard and smoke detectors. Set them ON if you had them disabled and make sure they are working fine.

  • Lost keys

If you find out that your keys are missing, the first thing to do is to replace your locks with new ones immediately.

  • Car presence

Burglars usually detect if there is someone at home if all cars are missing from the parking area.
If you go away on Christmas day, then leave a car around your house or at the parking area.